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Awesome Food Art

Just came across these images of Edith Zimmerman’s food art and they are absolutely hilarious! Why is it that people tell you not to play with your food when the results can be this amazing? 😉 Enjoy!

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Amazing Food Still Lifes Made From Paper

I have just come across the work of Swedish artist Fideli Sundqvist, who makes gorgeous food still lifes from paper! Another example of amazingly creative things I wish I could do (without glueing my fingers together 😉 )! Enjoy!

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Awesome Miniature Food Sculptures

I’ve just come across the work of Tel-Aviv artist Shay Aaron, who creates absolutely brilliant teeny, tiny food sculptures at 1:12 scale! They look so yummy! 🙂 Enjoy!

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Famous Meals From Famous Books

In ‘Fictitious Dishes’ graphic designer Dinah Fried recreates the famous meals from some famous (classic) novels! I really like the idea, though poor little Oliver’s meal makes me a bit sad and I sure wish she had done some more books! Anyway, … Continue reading

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Skull Sculptures Made From Fruit And Vegetables

Russian artist Dimitri Tsykalov creates skull sculptures carved out of fruit and vegetables! Brilliant! Check it out here and enjoy! 🙂

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TMNT Lunchbox

Cowabunga, dude! 😉 also check out some more fantastic lunch boxes at Lunchbox Awesome!

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Sweet Meat

Not sure how I feel about this, but thought I’d share it anyway! 🙂 In her ‘Sweet Meat’ series photographer Jasmin Schuller recreates familiar sweet treats by using meat products. The result is rather strange and somewhere in between ‘yum’ and ‘yuk’!

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