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The Scariest Movie Trailers Of All Time

I have a very complex ‘relationship’ with horror films! On one hand I really enjoy them and on the other I really hate them! Let me be a bit more specific 🙂 I have no problem with blood or some … Continue reading

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Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives

‘Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives’ is, in its simplest form, a documentary about a man trying to gain a better understanding of his long gone father, as even though they lived under the same roof for twenty years they always seemed a bit like strangers. In order to do so, … Continue reading

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Sometimes all it takes is one word; one word and you simply cannot help but break into song. In my case it was the word ‘mystery’, ‘innocently’ used by a friend looking for a book (‘I just don’t know where it … Continue reading

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Shows I like: Frasier

When ‘Frasier’ first debuted on TV, not only was I way too young to understand and appreciate it, I was simply  too young to even care. I was still busy watching ‘Duck Tales’ and ‘Saber Rider and the Star Sherifs’  (see previous post) … Continue reading

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Cartoon themes

This morning I woke up humming the Jetsons theme song. (In case you don’t know ‘The Jetsons’ are an old cartoon show, which I think was created by the same team that was behind ‘The Flintstones’). And this was really rather … Continue reading

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