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Brilliant Illustrations Celebrating Children’s Imagination

Oh, how I sometimes long for those glorious childhood days when all you needed was a broomstick and a bathrobe to turn you into a Jedi, or your father’s old hat to become Indiana Jones. These illustrations by artist Andy Fairhurst … Continue reading

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Awesome Geeky Nail Art

Even though, I would consider myself very girly, I have never really been into ‘getting my nails done’ and I’m proud to say that I have never sported acrylic nails! 😉 However, after seeing this absolutely hilarious comics-inspired nail art … Continue reading

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Brilliant ‘Real Star Wars’ Photographs

Check out these awesome photographs that make Star Wars come to life the vintage way! 😉 Now, if we combined these photos with these image-manipulation gems, who knows what course world history would have taken! 😉 Enjoy! 🙂

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23 Movies Scenes Created From Legos

Another brilliant example of the amazing things you can do with LEGO! 😉

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Amazing Robot Night Lights

Just came across these absolutely awesome robot night lights by artist Tal Avitzur! Why weren’t these around when I was a kid? But then again, you’re never too old for a night light, as long as it’s such a brilliantly … Continue reading

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The Scariest Movie Trailers Of All Time

I have a very complex ‘relationship’ with horror films! On one hand I really enjoy them and on the other I really hate them! Let me be a bit more specific 🙂 I have no problem with blood or some … Continue reading

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When Star Wars met Dr. Seuss

Check out cartoonist Adam Watson’s vision of what Star Wars would look like if it had been a Dr. Seuss book! I really quite like it! Enjoy! 🙂

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