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Beautiful Altered Book Sculptures Crafted Out of Children’s Books

As some of you might have noticed, I am a huge fan of ‘book art’! 😉 So whenever I find a new example of the wonderful things you can do with books (apart from reading them 🙂 ) I just … Continue reading

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Lovely Photographs Of People Reading Around The World

As I have mentioned before I love seeing people read! Therefore I was thrilled to come across American photojournalist Steve McCurry’s gorgeous images of people from all around the world enjoying a good book/newspaper! Check out his blog to see … Continue reading

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Lovely ‘Book Paintings’

As you might have noticed from previous posts I am a huge fan of books and art! 🙂 Therefore I always get really excited when someone combines these two, especially when the result is as charming as the work of … Continue reading

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Famous Meals From Famous Books

In ‘Fictitious Dishes’ graphic designer Dinah Fried recreates the famous meals from some famous (classic) novels! I really like the idea, though poor little Oliver’s meal makes me a bit sad and I sure wish she had done some more books! Anyway, … Continue reading

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Underground New York Public Library

In this modern day and age (ooh that makes me sound so old) I am always thrilled to find that some people are still passing their time reading, instead of playing around with their smartphones! 😉 So whenever I’m on the go, … Continue reading

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Beautiful Sketchbooks of Famous Films

Check out these adorable sketchbook illustrations artist Caroline Hadilaksono has made for some of her favourite films! I’m thrilled to see that she has included ‘A Christmas Story’, as it’s one of my all-time favourites! 😉 Can you guess the … Continue reading

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Beautiful Book Art

I have just come across the work of artist Guy Laramee and I really like it! Laramee creates beautiful sculptures carved out of books! Check out some of his work here! Enjoy! 🙂

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