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The World’s Most Bizarre Water Parks

Personally, I’m not a big fan of water parks! I just prefer the natural feel of the ocean or a lake, pond etc. However, I wouldn’t mind checking out one of these places just to soak in (pardon the pun 😉 … Continue reading

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More Awesome Nail Art

I have previously posted on geeky nail art. Now I have come across the work of 24-year old student Kayleigh O’Connor, who showcases even more brilliant ways to express yourself via ‘nail art’! 😉 Some of my favourites are the ‘Edward … Continue reading

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Awesome Photographs Of The Most Beautiful Places You’ve Never Been

I really love to travel, and I used to do a fair amount of it when I was younger. Over the last few years however, my trips to awesome destinations around the world have become less and less frequent. But after … Continue reading

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The 50 People You Wish You Knew

Today has been an absolutely lovely day so far! The weather is gorgeous and I have the time to enjoy it! 🙂 But seeing this hilarious list of ‘The 50 people you wish you knew’ really made my day! I … Continue reading

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Beautiful Macro Photography

Check out these gorgeous macro photographs by UK photographer Sharon Johnstone! They are simply stunning and once again prove just how awesome nature and nature macro photography are! Enjoy! 🙂  

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Amazing Underwater Ink Photographs

Photographer Mark Mawson specialises in underwater photography and his underwater ink series ‘Aqueous Fluoreau’ is simply gorgeous! But make sure to check out his other projects as well! Some of his work really reminds me of the stunning splash photography I have … Continue reading

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Lovely ‘Book Paintings’

As you might have noticed from previous posts I am a huge fan of books and art! 🙂 Therefore I always get really excited when someone combines these two, especially when the result is as charming as the work of … Continue reading

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